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The Haystack News App delivers local, live and worldwide coverage with just a tap on your screen. The tailor-made profile of yours allows you to be up to date with your preferred categories of news ranging from weather to international news. More than 300 trusted news channels provide authentic content for Haystack News user.

By choosing the categories, sources and topics you prefer you can get a newscast built just for you. More than 15 million news users trust the platform as their primary source of news. The customizable approach in the app makes it more convenient for users to engage with the platform and increase customer interaction through liking stories and by displaying trending topics.  And the best thing about this is that it is absolutely free. Watch news coverage anywhere you go with just one click. You can install this app using any TV app stores.

About Haystack news App

You can be as specific or as broad as you want with the Haystack News App. You can focus on a broad topic, like sports, or you can focus on a specific topic, as local weather. Haystack News seamlessly integrates everything, and the banner option also makes it much more informative for users who wants detailed outlines.

When it comes to functionality, Haystack News outperforms other news-gathering applications. The flow seems natural whether you want to look at the day’s top articles or dive deep into something that hasn’t received as much exposure. It also enables users to choose from a variety of national partner-distributed topics, such as economic news, political news, and entertainment, based on their location and the presence of local news partners there. This is a free app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs (including Apple’s iOS and Android).

The premium version entails even further advanced features and removes advertisements ensuring the smooth flow and integration for its users. Overall Haystack News Application is a trusted form of news coverage delivered to you in an engaging interface at the cost of nothing.

Download Haystack News for Fire TV

Best Android TV and Fire TV news application now available for free on Aptoide TV, Play Store and Amazon App Store. You can either use Applinked, FileSynced or Unlinked app stores to install this news app on your TV. FileSynced and unlinked offers custom TV stores instead of ready-made stores like on Aptoide TV and Play Store. You can upload and install Haystack news apk using FileSynced and Unlinked by creating your own Unlinked store or Filesynced store. First check public Applinked codes for this app. If you are unable to find this app on any of those stores, try to create your own store to install this app.

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