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Smart Charging – Charge Alarm

Our smartphones have basically become a part of us. Allowing us to perform almost all of the chores at the comfort of our very own fingertips, and always being available to us when we need it, smartphones have been there for us through it all. Have you ever been so frustrated when it runs out of battery or dies on you when you need it the most? Just as much as our smartphones are important to us, their battery power is that important.

It is basically the heart of a device and is mandatory that it is in perfect conditions. With that being said, taking care of your device’s battery power has become more important than ever. If you hate your device running out of battery constantly and having to charge it more than you should, maybe you need to look for an app that allows you to optimise your battery charging and help obtain the best performance of your device.

Doing you a favour, you no longer have to wonder where you can find such an app because here’s introducing the all new ‘Smart Charging – Charge Alarm’ app for all android users to hep optimise your device’s battery charging time while thereby enhancing its battery life to an optimum.

About Smart Charging App

The app will simply apply the mode to charge your device in just a touch on your smart screen, The app also has the ability to locate any app that causes your device to slow down and drain your battery power and prevent them from doing so.

What you have to do is plug in your device to the charger and activate the smart charging button and the job is done! The app will do the rest and what is necessary with no hassle whatsoever.

The app will locate any app that causes the battery drain and also turn off other settings that causes this such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and so on. It also reduces the brightness of the screen as necessary in order to achieve longer hours of battery power. And you do not have to worry about messing around with your settings because just as the charging is done, you can press the stop button and all of your settings will be restored back to exactly how it was. The app also reminds you when your battery is charged fully with notifications to let you know.

Many junk cleaners like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and CCleaner has feature to boost battery charger. But none of them provide this kind of features for charging your Android phone. Those Android junk cleaners are mainly focused on boosting and optimizing Android phone. Unlike Clean Master app and NOX Cleaner, this app mainly focused on charging and you will see many features related to it.

The app is also supe intuitive and easy to use so that anyone can use the app at ease. The app also depicts information of your device such as temperature, capacity, voltage, and other technical details you need to know. The charging history of your battery can also be viewed on the app so you can get an idea on the performance of your device.

With the app by your side, you can now enjoy a long-lasting battery life and the best performance of all your smart devices at the comfort of your very own fingertips!

Download Smart Charging Apk

Many used to download Android junk cleaners by searching the internet. Best and easiest way to do that is using a third-party Android app store like Aptoide, AC Market or Happymod. Because using a App store will guarantee you will have the correct app. You can use AC Market app store and Happymod app store on any Android phone or tablet for free.

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